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S02 - EP - 002 - Storytelling - Why is Storytelling so Important?

June 11, 2021 Ranvijay Bhaskar Season 2 Episode 2
Passion Business Podcast
S02 - EP - 002 - Storytelling - Why is Storytelling so Important?
Show Notes

Stories help us to build an emotional connection not only to the message but also to the character which helps the audience to clearly perceive the message with depth of understanding.

Stories inspire and motivate.

This is the best way for anyone to help build deep connection and that is why, a lot of stories around spirituality and beliefs. We are still carrying stories from generations told by our grandparents and theirs. These stories inspire and motivates us.

Storytelling carries impactful messages.

Stories are super impactful and that's why the kinder garden children start their journey with stories that help them understand the Moral Science and build a connect with the society. These stories have huge impact not only on children but also on us. The self-help and motivational guides, all contains stories. Stories build connection and conveys the impact of the message.

Stories bring people together.

The characters in story communicate emotions and create a connection with people leading to common feeling building a deep connection helping people stay together. This is also the reason spiritual stories communicates common goal and helps to build a society and maintain that religious peace.

What is the role of storytelling in Business?

Business runs on meeting target and earning profits which again needs communication and persuasion both to its employees and to end customers. Storytelling therefore becomes a particularly important tool in smooth alignment of Business goals.

Storytelling helps to maintain that common goal in Business.

In Business, almost all the Top-class executives including CEO and Senior Management Leaders uses Stories to communicate their goal, target, and mission. This helps them to help other employees to clearly understand the true motive and Goal that they need to fulfill together.

In contrast to above stories also communicates a lengthy and complicated message even the bad news in a simple and consumable fashion. A great leader always motivates thousands and sometimes millions of others which cannot happen efficiently without a story.

If you look around all the brands like Apple, Disney, Nike, and several others commutates a story aligned with the Company Goal.

Storytelling helps maintain the Brand Quality and Value to its Customers.

Long time ago, Advertisement and Campaigns used to be direct selling. It was rather transactional rather than relational. Now, everything has changed due to awareness and internet access.

Now selling it is all about building trust and maintaining relationship. Storytelling can also be seen in social media post, Social Campaigns, Email and Advertisement. All these communicates a story rather than selling. This is also the reason almost all brand use stories in the advertisement to reach the emotion of end customers. Now brands are also deeply participating in Social and NGO Operations to keep that emotional connect.

Thanks for listening to Passion Mantra, the True Business Podcast. There is lot to learn in this Story telling Series. I hope you have subscribed. I will see you in next Episode on Storytelling. Thank you and Take Care.

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