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S02 - EP - 003 - Storytelling - What is the science behind Storytelling

June 14, 2021 Ranvijay Bhaskar Season 2 Episode 3
Passion Business Podcast
S02 - EP - 003 - Storytelling - What is the science behind Storytelling
Show Notes

Storytelling is super powerful, and you have seen this as proved in the above segments. It is a brilliant tool to communicate. Like everything, Storytelling also holds science behind the scenes. There are three chemicals that are super essential and are eventually triggered by the stories. Dopamine, Oxytocin, Endorphins. You will learn more about these in the below sections.

Why is PowerPoint presentations Boring?

When we are not telling stories then we are only sharing data and facts which is just the information part. These triggers Cortisol and Adrenalin in our body which if released in high concentration is responsible for irritation, bad decisions, intolerant, losing creativity, and a lot more. This leads people to feel sleepy. That is why a longer presentation is simply a waste of time and people are not hooked to the information it carries.


Dopamine is a chemical released in our body through suspense in the story. This creates a need to know what is next. What will happen next? This increases FOCUS and Memory at the same time motivates the listener to learn more about the story. Therefore, Stories unlike PowerPoint presentations helps maintain that Focus even for a long time and People feel connected and are alert while listening.


Oxytocin is a chemical released in your body when you build empathy for the character in the Story. When you are going through the Story and the character in the story goes through certain pain it creates empathy and releases oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin creates bonding with the character and helps build trust. Now, this is something that cannot be communicated otherwise. Stories, therefore, have emotional touch and influence you at a personal level. Stories therefore can build that personal connection.


Endorphins are released in your body when some joke is cracked, or some funny incident is introduced in the story. There are a lot of instances when People remember the funny and crazy stuff of the Story. A lot of brands tend to implement this. Endorphins help relax and build creativity inside you at the same time increases your focus level. Staying relaxed helps maintain the focus at the same time brings that energy back to you which otherwise has bored you. Cracking jokes while storytelling is particularly important, especially when the content is long. People love the storyteller who cracks jokes. Jokes and laugh can also be maintained by the way the story is delivered. E.g.: Mimicry, demonstrating how the character behaves, and so on.

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