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S02 - EP - 004 - Storytelling - How to do storytelling online

June 16, 2021 Ranvijay Bhaskar Season 2 Episode 4
Passion Business Podcast
S02 - EP - 004 - Storytelling - How to do storytelling online
Show Notes

If you want to become a good Online Storyteller, you need to master these three chemicals dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. And here is how you can do that.

  1. Collect Stories: A storyteller always has a huge collection of small stories, mostly from his personal life. Start recalling and collecting these stories.
  2. Categories the Stories: Categorize these stories into 3 segments, namely suspense, empathy, and funny. Suspense relates to dopamine; Empathy relates to Oxytocin and Funny to Endorphins.
  3. Always start with context: Use stories to build the context or the background or Plot of the information. This will help your Audience build a deeper connection.
  4. Play with your Stories: Whenever you want to share the information, build suspense first to gain their Focus. If it is getting boring, crack some joke. Make your Audience laugh. And finally, help them connect with you by building Empathy.
  5. Exercise Storytelling: Storytelling cannot be mastered in a go. You need to keep exercising wherever possible. You need to master the skill of building emotional connect.
  6. Going Online with Storytelling: When doing online storytelling, use images and videos to help your audience connect with the stories at a deeper level. If you are going live, you can ask them to perform certain tasks like commenting or asking if someone has gone through a similar situation. This will help in further building a bond with the Audience.
  7. Online Storytelling Live Platforms: While Facebook Live, YouTube Live the Social Platforms you can go live and test things out, you can opt for webinar tools like zoom meetings to build a deeper connection with the Audience with high focus grounds.
  8. Online Storytelling Recorded Platforms: You can record and share in the public domain on YouTube. For the paid community, you can use Teachable where you can ask them to participate via comments.

Thanks for listening to Passion Mantra, the True Business Podcast. There is a lot to learn in this Storytelling Series. I hope you have subscribed. I will see you in the next Episode of Storytelling. Thank you and Take Care.

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